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Why San Francisco Needs a New City Flag

This is a great TED Talk on flag design and where US cities have gone wrong.

(Come on SF, we can do better!)

Paper Keeps Getting Better

The new Think Kit update on Paper

The new Think Kit update on Paper

The Think Kit update to Paper by Fifty Three is amazing. It’s beautiful, easy to use and broadens the use case for what was already an amazing app. The video below describes the update better than I ever could.

Now I’m even more compelled to buy a pencil.


[UPDATE] I ordered a pencil.

Beta Launch: inSite plugin for WordPress


Today we launched the beta of our new WordPress plugin, inSite. Based on the website personalization tool built into our responsive site builder, DudaOne, inSite makes it easy to set up triggers and actions on WordPress sites. Current triggers include location, device type, time, frequency of visit and campaign URL. Any of these can trigger a new element, notification bar, custom JavaScript, HTML or a special effect.

The plugin also allows developers to build their own inSite triggers and actions and submit them to our online catalog.

Check out for more on how you can download the beta.

inSite Catalog

The inSite Catalog

Apple Watch On Hold

FullSizeRender 32

After a great deal of introspection and reading multiple blog posts I decided to put off buying an Apple Watch. My decision came down to two key points:

  1. It’s a first generation product, and
  2. I love my watches.

First Generation Product
I didn’t buy the first iPhone. I couldn’t justify the cost of such a powerful handset that didn’t support 3G networks. (But I wanted one.) I didn’t buy the first iPad. I didn’t understand the real use case for another screen. (But I wanted one.)

With the Apple Watch a mix of cost and use case is one reason I decided to hold off.

I Love My Watches
Like some anachronism in the tech space amongst my peers, I still wear watches. I own around 12, and while none of them are particularly expensive or noteworthy, I enjoy picking out the watch I wear each day. Each one has a story that’s meaningful to me. To get the full value out of the Apple Watch I would need to wear it daily and I’m just not ready to shelve the watches I love at this time.

In any case, I am almost certain that I will come around to committing to the Apple Watch. I want one, but not enough to take the dive just yet.

May the Fourth Be With You


Rotring 800+

Rotring 800+This is the best mechanical pencil + stylus I have tried. Ever since I started using their mechanical pencils as a kid, I’ve always admired the quality of Rotring products.


The Need for Speed


Google’s mobile SEO change last week stirred up a bunch of new questions regarding sites, page speed and other SEO factors. Our infrastructure lead, Danny Mann, tested sites from the top site builders on the market today and provides a deeper explanation of Google Pagespeed Insights.

Comparing the Site Speeds of Different Website Builders

One week ago today…


We kicked off camping season one week ago today. Arroyo Secco was perfect. (Photo bomb courtesy of @lauraconemac, my fiancé.)

Gone Camping


I’ve worked in the mobile space in some capacity for the last 15 years. This blows me away.

According to an earlier report on TechCrunch, a 2013 study said that two-thirds of the Fortune 100 were not ready for mobile search. And after running some tests this year, it appears that progress has been slow – as noted above, just over half (52 percent) of the Fortune 500 operated mobile-friendly websites ahead of Google’s update.

Google’s “Mobile-Friendly” Update Could Impact Over 40% Of Fortune 500 Websites


My order was completed at 12:16 am on launch day. I still hold hope that the estimated delivery date will change as the devices start to ship.



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